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A notebook that is used as a guestbook for The Local Spread sits on top of a wooden table. Place atop is a pen with The Local Spread logo on it.


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An orange, blue and gold picnic tablescape with whoopie pies in the background.

“We had such an incredible experience and can't speak highly enough of this taste of local! Beautiful, thoughtful arrangement that truly enhanced our memories of time spent in Newburyport! Thank You!”​

Christopher, Juliana & Gabe

"Thank you so much for offering such a unique experience. We loved everything about this - the set up is so pretty. The food was fabulous. This memory will last forever." 

Mary & Peter

A full picnic spread with orange and navy blue accents. A tipi with pillows and cushions is nestled within a garden planted in a waterfront park.
A simple picnic with a gray blanket and three colorful pillows is set up in a park underneath a cascading tree. In the background there is a fountain with a water feature.

"What a magical experience! I enjoyed all the snack selections so, so much. To have a beautiful, cozy spot to relax with friends was such a treat. Thank you!


"Love is Love. Thank you for an unforgettable experience! Suprising my bride with this adorable picnic at Blue Inn on The Beach was amazing! Thank you for your attention to detail with each and every item!! It was truly a magical experience and we so appreciate everything you did! 

Annie & Melanie

A sign read Love is Love is the focal point of this picnic. There is a pride, rainbow theme with yellow and navy blue pillows. The picnic is set in the sand overlooking the ocean.
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The guestbook is placed on top of a crate with a teal blue lantern above it.
Yellow text on a blue background reads "Love happened again. As I feel like it always does but you put the bar high up! What a wonderful time we had. Picnics have a new meaning for us now. We will always treasure this special time."
Yellow text on a blue background reads "We can't thank you enough for the most intimate and thoughtful setting! You put the icing on the cake while we finish our vacation!"
The guestbook is sitting on top of a wooden table with a succulant placed above it.
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