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Nooks and Crannies of Newburyport

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Are you in need of some location recommendations, around the city, to enjoy your picnic? Don’t fear, we have an extensive list to share with you.

A pink and blue picnic tablescape that has been set up along the shorelines of Plum Island Beach. The table includes a blue whale and vase of flowers as a focal point.
1. Plum Island Beach (best sunset views)
Enjoy a seaside picnic while digging your toes in the sand. The most accessible spot is the north end, where the Merrimack River meets the Atlantic Ocean. If you book an evening picnic, you may be able to catch a sunset if you stick around after your picnic. Please be aware there may be a parking fee. Please plan accordingly as parking is not guaranteed nor included.

A navy blue and orange picnic set up in Waterfront Park in Newburyport. There is a tipi in the background filled with comfy pillows and blankets to enjoy some shade.
2. Waterfront Park
Enjoy people watching while at your picnic in the park. It is always a lively area, you could even catch the sunset here. There is plenty of space to spread out, bring your own yard games and enjoy time with friends. When the picnic is over, spend some time walking through downtown, pop into some stores and shop local while visiting the heart of Newburyport.

A picnic in a quite park overlooking the harbor at Hale Memorial Park in Newburyport. There is a lush green park filled with bushes covered in beach flowers. Seen is a tipi and picnic set up in the distance.
3. Hale Memorial Park
Hale Memorial Park includes two different sections. Your picnic could be set up overlooking the Merrimack River, or you can enjoy the larger, quiet park across the street and bask in the green space & flowers. Bring along your bike, or even just some walking shoes, and hop right on the rail trail from here.

A picnic for three set up by a water fountain feature, under and umbrella tree in a quiet park - Atkinson Common in Newburyport. The set up includes three lush pillows, a picnic basket and blankets.
4. Atkinson Common
Looking for a historic backdrop, Atkinson Common has a lily pond & a Civil War monument for you to enjoy. There is so much green space to choose from here! Stay awhile, enjoy a stroll & explore through the commons when your picnic is over.

A fall picnic at Bartlet Mall in Newburyport. There is a tipi in the corner surrounded by flowers. The picnic tablescape is set up atop an orange blanket with colorful fall leaves surrounding it. The scene is overlooking a pond and historic brick building surrounded by large green trees.

5. Bartlet Mall

Looking for somewhere just outside of the downtown crowds? Enjoy a picnic in the Bartlet Mall while watching the ducks swim in the pond. You may find it a bit quieter over here, which may make it a great place to get your book club ladies together! You will still be walking distance to enjoy all that Downtown Newburyport has to offer.

Cashman Park is set alongside the Merrimack River. There is a shoreline with cloudy blue skies reflecting off the water.

6. Cashman Park

Are you looking for an afternoon Mom’s outing but have to bring the kids along? You could have your picnic in the shade near the playground and enjoy yourselves while the kids play at the park. You can enjoy a walk along the harbor walk into downtown and enjoy all the shops and sites Newburyport has to offer. Enjoy watching the sunset over the Merrimack River while you are here.

A landscape scene at Moseley Woods looking out over the Merrimack River, with two tall pine trees on both sides of the image.

7. Moseley Woods

Are you feeling a bit more whimsical and woodsy? Enjoy the fresh air and choose to have your picnic among the tall pine trees of Moseley Woods. There are many wooded paths to explore here, you may even choose a spot that overlooks the Merrimack River. This may also be a nice quiet spot for a book club, or poetry slam picnic.
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